As a responsible institution, J&K Bank is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The bank aims to instill a sense of relief and protection among the most vulnerable sections of society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. The bank identifies key responsibility areas towards the society and seeks to assimilate the CSR ideals into its mission for optimizing its social performance.

FY 2014-15 witnessed unprecedented floods in J&K State that left devastation of colossal magnitude in its wake. J&K Bank, being the premiere flagship company of the state, rose to the occasion with matching ardor and aid to meet its obligations as a socially relevant institution, its vision of “People’s Empowerment through Servant Leadership” and the expectations of the public at large.

Throughout the crisis situation J&K Bank, through its CSR plan, contributed immensely towards the comprehensive relief and rehabilitation of the flood affected people across the state.

Meanwhile, J&K Bank retained its collective focus on activities for the larger community welfare through CSR initiatives concentrating on people and their health, environment, education and society at large.