• In case of doubt, do not click on any link provided in the e-mail

  • Don’t give any confidential information such as password, customer id, Credit/Debit Card number or PIN,CVV,DOB to any e-mail request, even if the request is from government authorities like Income Tax department or any Card Association company like VISA or Master Card.

  • Don’t open unexpected e-mail attachments or instant message download links.

  • Always check the web address carefully before sharing any sensitive information.

  • For logging in, always type the website address (www.jkbank.net) on your web browser

  • The Padlock icon at the upper or bottom right corner of the webpage must be always 'On' during secure transactions

  • Don’t access NetBanking or make payments using your Credit/ Debit Card from shared or unprotected computers in public places

  • Don’t call and leave any personal or account details on any telephone system, voice message, e-mail or an SMS 

  • Don’t transfer funds to or share your account details with, unknown/ non-validated source, luring you with commission, attractive offers 

Forward the original e-mail to us at ebanking@jkbmail.com ; helpdesk@jkbmail.com ; crcard@jkbmail.com ; reportphishing@jkbmail.com

Report the incident with caller's no., date and time of call, etc at our 24-hour Customer Care

If your money has been fraudulently transferred through phishing,Inform the bank immediately