This deposit plan enables entire maturity proceeds i.e. principal and interest fully repatriable in Foreign Currency (USD, GBP, EURO, YEN, AUD & CAD) at a place of your choice.

  • Maintain your account with a minimum balance of USD 1000 or equivalent.

  • Can be held jointly with other non-resident individuals.

  • Deposits in Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, EURO and Japanese Yen are accepted.

  • Deposits/interest fully repatriable.

  • Deposits can be placed in the form of term deposits for a minimum maturity period of one year and for a maximum maturity period of five years.

  • Deposits in CAD, AUD and Japanese Yen are accepted for maturity period of 1 to 3 years

  • The principal and interest earned on your FCNR (B) Deposit account is tax exempted.

  • Nomination facility available.

  • Transfer of funds from existing NRE accounts to FCNR(B) accounts and vice versa, of the same account holder, is permitted.

  • Loans against deposits subject to a maximum of Rs.20 lacs in Indian Rupees and in foreign currency available on easy terms.

  • Automatic Renewal on due date for a minimum maturity of 1 year period at the prevailing rate of interest in the absence of fresh instructions to ensure that your money grows timely.

  • Acceptance & execution of Standing Instructions.

  • Addition and Deletion of names of account holders, in case of joint accounts is  permitted.

  • Premature withdrawal for the purpose of renewal at better interest rate prevailing currently is permitted without penalty clause subject to conditions.

(Conditions Apply)