• Minimum AQB of Rs 2, 50,000.
  • Free issuance of Demand Drafts up to 50 Lakhs per month
  • Free inter branch fund transfer
  • Free Collection of Bills upto Rs 5 lacs /month.
  • Free collection of local/ outstation cheques(own bank)
  • Daily Debit card limits (ATM/POS) 100000/150000)
  • Individuals-Single Accounts.
  • Joint Accounts.
  • Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, HUFs.
  • Limited Companies
  • Associations, Clubs, Societies, Trusts etc.
  • Application Form.
  • Photograph of depositor/s (2 copies)
  • Documents as per KYC Norms
  • PAN Card or IT returns
  • Partnership deed/ MOA, AOA, Certificate of incorporation, as applicable.
  • Related documents for HUF, associations, etc.
  • Other documents like registrations, etc.
  1. Who can open a Gold Current Account with J&K Bank?
    Gold Current Account can be opened by individuals , either singly or jointly, sole proprietorships, Partnership firms, Private and Public Limited Companies , HUFs, Associations, Societies, Trusts, etc.
  2. What is the minimum Average Quarterly Balance required to be maintained?
    The minimum AQB required to be maintained is 2.50 lakhs.
  3. What are the benefits of the Gold Current Account?
    You can avail the following benefits:
  • Free inter branch funds transfer.
  • Free collection of bills (up to 5 lakhs/ month).
  • Free issuance of DD’s upto 50 Lakhs/month
  • Nomination facility available.
  • Free e-banking facility.
  • Free RTGS/NEFT facility & much more.