Working Capital finance in the nature of Cash Credit facility on revolving basis.

To provide adequate & timely credit for comprehensive requirements of the Khatamband Craftsmen.

Artisans associated with the Khatamband trade.
The age of the applicant must be between 18-55 years

The total credit should not exceed  1,00,000/- per Unit*. The amount of loan shall be as per the estimate of cost per head/month
*A Khatamband unit is comprised of at least 4 craftsmen.

20% of the amount sanctioned.

  • Primary
Hypothecation of stocks (Raw materials, semi- finished & finished goods) created out of Bank finance.
  • Collateral
Third party guarantee of two persons, preferably fellow unit-holders.

The account must be brought into credit at least once a year. However, interest shall be serviced on monthly basis.

Comprehensive insurance of hypothecated stocks.

0.05% of the amount sanctioned with a minimum cap of  25/- to be paid upfront.

The limit under the scheme shall be reviewed annually and revised/ cancelled /enhanced depending on the performance of the borrower