The scheme aims at providing adequate and timely credit support from the banking system to farmers under single window with flexible and simplified procedure, to Animal Husbandry and Fisheries farmers for their short term working capital requirements towards the following activities :-

a. Fisheries: - Fresh water fish/prawn culture (including cold water), brackish water shrimp/fish/crab/ other aquatic organisms culture, fish/shrimp/prawn/crab/other aquatic organisms seed rearing, capture fisheries in fresh water, brackish water and marine and any other state specific fisheries activities.

b. Animal Husbandry: - Milch animal rearing, poultry layer farming, poultry broiler farming, sheep rearing, goat rearing, pig farming, rabbit rearing for wool, and work animals. Any other state specific livestock rearing.

Dairy::Farmers and Dairy farmers either individual or joint borrower, Joint Liability Groups or Self Help Groups including tenant farmers having owned / rented/ leased sheds

Fishery a. Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture:- i) Fishers, Fish Farmers (individual & groups/ partners/ share croppers/ tenant farmers), Self Help Groups, Joint Liability Groups and women groups.
ii) The beneficiaries must own or lease any fisheries related assets such as ponds, tanks, open water bodies, raceways, hatcheries, rearing units, boats, nets and such other fishing gear as the case may be and possess necessary authorisation/ certification as may be applicable in respective states for fish farming and fishing related activities, and for any other State specific fisheries and allied activities.

b. Marine Fisheries- Beneficiaries listed at above, who own or lease registered fishing vessel/boat, possess necessary fishing license/permission for fishing in estuary and sea, fish farming/Mariculture activities in estuaries and open sea and any other State specific fisheries and allied activities.


The scale of finance for KCC including Animal Husbandry (AH) and Fisheries will be fixed by respective District Level Technical Committee (DLTC) based on local cost worked out on per acre/per unit/per animal/per bird etc basis.

The working capital components in fisheries, under the scale of finance, may  include recurring  cost  towards  seed,  feed,  organic  and  inorganic fertilizers, lime/other soil conditioners, harvesting and marketing charges, fuel/electricity charges, labour, lease rent (if leased water area) etc. For capture fisheries, working capital may include the cost of fuel, ice, labouring charges, mooring/landing charges etc. may form part of the scale of finance. The working capital components in Animal Husbandry, under the scale of finance, may include recurring cost towards feeding, veterinary aid, labour, water and electricity supply. The maximum period for assessment of working capital requirement may be based on the cash flow statement or completion of one production cycle.

Upto Rs.5.00 lakhs Nil
From Rs.5.00 lakhs to Rs.10.00 lakhs 0.10% of Limit
Above Rs.10.00 lakhs 0.25% of Limit

CIBIL and CRIF charges shall be recovered  upfront from all prospective borrowers/ guarantors/ Mortgagors at the time of extraction of Credit Information report (CIR) in accordance with Bank’s Policy on Credit Information Management – Utilization of Credit Information Services as amended from time to time. 

At present, rate of interest up to Rs 2.00 lakhs (in case of new applicants
of KCC AH&F) OR up to Rs 3.00 Lakhs (in case of aggregate KCC Limit) per farmer will be @7% p.a. (fixed) as per the Government of India (GoI) directives. It is subject to GoI providing 2% p.a., interest subvention to Bank on such advances.

Note: As per KCC AH&F Scheme Interest subvention will be available upto Rs 2.00 lakhs in case of new applicants of KCC AH&F & upto Rs 3.00 lakhs (in aggregate) in case of borrowers having existing KCC-Crop Loan. Any loan amount exceeding the said limits shall carry normal Rate of Interest.

The KCC-Animal Husbandry & Fishery limit is revolving cash credit facility

Borrowers are required to route their sale proceeds or other credits into the KCC-Animal Husbandry & Fishery account, with a minimum of loan amount plus interest and other charges, if any within the repayment due dates.