a) Finance to Growers

i. Assessed on entire fruit bearing orchard owned by the grower farmer or any of his family member. 
ii. Upto an individual credit limit of Rs 1.00 lac no revenue record of land holding is required.
iii. The credit limit of Growers is to be assessed and sanctioned for a period of 3 years. The limit will get automatically renewed annually subject to satisfactory conduct of the account.
iv. Option for the grower to enter the scheme to avail the financial assistance at any of the following stages:
• Pre-harvest stage for production cost.
• Harvesting stage for picking/ packing/ grading.
• Post harvesting stage for marketing. 
• For entire production & marketing cycle.
v. The grower is not required to submit any financial statement/ balance sheet for sanction of credit facility excepting personal statement and land holding record wherever required in addition to papers under KYC norms.
vi. Option for additional financial assistance for carriage and cold storage of the produce as per stipulated rates.
vii. No collateral Security upto the loan limit of 1.00 lakh.

b) Finance to the Traders/Arthias/Commission & Forwarding Agents

 The scale of finance to be assessed on the basis of number of fruit boxes marketed/ forwarded during the previous year with a reasonable increase based on average growth during the last three years.
ii) The average per box market price will be aligned to the actual market rates.
iii) Hassle free renewal of the credit limit from January onwards subject to satisfactory conduct of the account. 
iv) Option for additional financial assistance for cold storage of the produce as per stipulated rates.

  • To provide comprehensive and timely financial assistance with flexible and simplified procedure adopting whole farm approach taking care of the production/marketing credit needs of Apple Growers/Traders/Arthias/Commission & Forwarding Agents of the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh with a reasonable component for consumption/subsistence of the growers.

    Under the scheme finance will be available for following components:-

    Production/Input Cost
    • Cost of fertilizer 
    • Cost of fungicides/pesticides/insecticides etc.
    • Cost of fertilizers/fungicides/pesticides/insecticides application
    • Cost of Watch & Ward and
    • Post Harvest maintenance 

    Marketing Costs
    • Cost of Boxes
    • Cost of Packing Material
    • Cost of Picking, Packing & Grading
    • Cost of Transportation
    • Cost of Cold Storage of produce (optional)
  • Cash Credit /SOD
  • SOD
  • All Fruit Growers/Orchardists owning orchards with fruit bearing trees.
  • All Local Traders/Arthias/Commission & Forwarding Agents having a market standing of at least one year. 


Particulars of Borrower



Growers (Per Acre of orchard)

Rs 2.73 lac


Local Trader/Arthias (per box of 20 Kgs)

Rs 242/-


Commission/Forwarding Agent (per box of 20 Kgs)

Rs 126/-

*Provision for additional finance is available for cold storage of produce at Rs 20/- per box subject to a maximum limit of Rs 10.00 lac per borrower against pledge of cold storage receipts duly endorsed in favour of the bank.
  • Primary
    • Hypothecation of fruit crop/packing material.
    • Hypothecation of book debts.
  • Collateral:



    Upto Rs 1.00 lac

    Nil other than personal guarantee of the borrower

    Above Rs 1.00 lac upto Rs 5.00 lacs

    Third party guarantee of two persons

    Above Rs 5.00 lacs

    Mortgage of orchards/immovable property with a minimum value of 125% of the credit limit.

  • Margin


    10%  (to be contributed in the shape of labour incurred on fertilizer/pesticide/fungicide application and post harvest maintenance)



  • Rs 400/- (upfront in case of Third Party Guarantee)
  • Rs 500/- (upfront in case of Mortgage).