Financing fees of coaching classes/institutes for entrance examinations to courses like medicine, engineering, civil services etc and other related expenses like boarding /lodging/Laptop/PCs/Netbooks/Tablets/Study Material/eTutorials.

Student should be an Indian National and eligible for the entrance exam.

Student should have secured a minimum of 55% marks in the previous qualifying exam.

Students pursuing graduation/post-graduation course or employed individuals, desirous of competing for Civil Service Exam of UPSC/State Public Service Commission.

Students who have availed Education Loan from any bank and loan is still outstanding are not eligible.

For students below 18 years of age Parent/Guardian is borrower. Students above 18 years of age will be joint borrowers with Parent/Guardian.

Maximum of 2 Lakh per child for coaching studies in India.

Maximum Amount per parent/guardian is 4 Lakh.

Finance of 40,000 for purchase of Laptop/PCs/Netbooks/Tablets/Study Material/eTutorials per student within the overall limit of 2 Lakh.

10% of the coaching fee (which may include boarding & lodging expenses if available in-house).

25% of the other expenses like purchase of Laptop/PCs/Netbooks/Tablets/Study Material/eTutorials

Primary: NIL

Collateral: Third Party Guarantee of one person. For pensioners, guarantee of one person and Spouse eligible for family pension.

No third party guarantee required in respect of permanent employees of State/Central Government, State/Central Government Undertakings & Autonomous bodies drawing salary through Bank and where letter of undertaking from employer is available.

36 months, including a moratorium period of three months.