For purchase of wide range of Agricultural/Horticultural implements/machinery including Power Tillers, Reapers, Weeders, Harvesters, Rice Trans planters, Pump Sets, Sprayers, Threshers, Tractors, Load Carriers, Wheel Carts, Three wheeler Load Carriers, One Ton Load Carriers etc. The list is indicative and not exhaustive. It can include all types of implements/equipments, machinery utilized by the farmers for farm mechanization purpose and/or Transportation of Agricultural/ horticultural produce.

Farmers (Individual/group of Individuals) cultivating crops including vegetables, floriculture, horticulture, cereals, pulses, fruit, medicinal and aromatic plants etc on self-owned/ ancestral/ leased or tenanted land. The maximum permissible finance shall be as below:

Type of Equipment Land Holding Maximum Loan amount
Tractors/ Harvesters/ Reapers/ Four Wheeler Load Carriers Irrigated: Minimum 04 Kanals Un Irrigated: Minimum 08 Kanals Upto Rs 25.00 lacs
Power Tillers, Weeders, Rice transplanters, Pump Sets, Sprayers, Threshers, Three Wheeler Load Carriers etc. Minimum 04 Kanals Upto Rs 10.00 lacs
pump sets, sprayers, grass cutter, baskets & receptacles, ladder, trays, handcarts etc. Minimum apple cultivated land of 02 Kanals Upto Rs 03.00 lacs



Upto 90% of cost of agricultural equipment/ machinery/ implements subject to a maximum of Rs 25.00 lacs (In case of vehicles/equipments which need to be registered with concerned transport authorities, registration charges and 1st insurance cost can also be included in total project cost for financing. Similarly, wherever applicable, cost of Trolleys/ Tankers for agricultural end use can also be included in the total project cost)

10% of invoice value

Note: Booking amount, if any, can be considered towards the margin requirement provided same is paid by the applicant to the dealer via any accepted mode of fund transfer, receipt of same is obtained and same is validated from statement of account of the customer. However, payment of the booking amount in cash, if any, can also be accepted subject to a ceiling of Rs 20000/- provide a proper receipt for same is obtained, genuineness of which is verified by the dealer in writing.

1 Year MCLR + 2.00% (Floating) with half yearly rests

Door to Door Tenor: The maximum door to door tenor in case of term loans shall be 07 years i.e 84 months or till the borrower attains age of 75 Years.

Moratorium: Maximum 02 Months

Repayment Period: The loan shall be repayable in a maximum of 82 instalments after initial moratorium of 02 months. Servicing of interest during moratorium shall be mandatory.