To provide finance for purchase of Laptop/ PCs / Netbooks / Tablets to:

  • Permanent Employees of State / Central Government, Government / Semi-Government Undertakings & Autonomous Bodies.
  • Employees of Private Limited Companies, Private Organizations,  Reputed Establishments & Employees on contractual basis with Central/State Govt, Government/ Semi-Government Undertakings& Autonomous bodies*
  • Employees on contractual basis with Central/State Govt, Government/Semi-Government Undertakings& Autonomous bodies shall be eligible, if they have been in current contractual job for a period not less than I year and the remaining contract period is longer than the chosen repayment period. Employees on adhoc basis shall not be eligible.
  • Teachers under Rehaber-a-Taleem, J&K Govt.
  • Officials under Rehaber-a Zeerat, J&K Govt.
  • Pensioners both State/Central drawing their monthly salaries/pension through our bank.
  • Professionals, self employed individuals & Proprietorship Concerns
  • Regular students* of recognized schools, colleges & universities.
  • Finance under this Scheme shall also be provided to regular teachers of recognized private schools (must be permanent residents of J&K State).

*Regular students of recognized schools/colleges/institutions in India who are minors as on the date of sanction shall be provided the credit facility through Parents/Guardians. Students, aged 18yrs and above, pursuing regular courses in any of the recognized colleges /institutions/universities of India shall be provided the loan facility with Parent /Guardian as co-borrower.

Minimum age of Applicant: 18 years.

Maximum age of Applicant at loan maturity: 
For employees Date of retirement or 60 Years   whichever is earlier. 
For others: 65 years.

Borrowers/Co-borrowers should have adequate perpetual source of income to repay the loan.  Business units should ensure that the home-take salary/ residual income of the Borrower/Co-Borrower after including all deductions including installments on account of this loan should be at least 40% of the Gross monthly salary/income.*
Since purchase of computer is covered under our educational loan scheme as well, finance under this product shall not be available to those students who have already availed educational loan from our bank subject to condition that computer was included in loan composition of education loan facility, so availed

*In case of students with Parent/Guardian as co-borrower, the income criteria shall apply to co-borrowers only.

Maximum of Rs 50,000/=.

Maximum Finance can be extended up to Rs. 100,000/- for purchasing Macintosh or Mac, series of PCs Laptops & Tablets designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc


  • NIL for loans up to Rs. 50000/-
  • Hypothecation of Laptop/PC/Netbook/Tabletto be purchased, if loan amount is above Rs. 50,000.00


  • Nil for: 1) Government employees drawing salary through our Branches & where letter of confirmation is available.
  • Platinum / Gold / Premium Plus Current account holders, having maintained satisfactory accounts for at least last 6 months.
  • Cash Credit / SOD account holders having a sanctioned limit above Rs 5 lacs and minimum average utilization percentage above 60% from at least 6 months prior to this facility.
  • Customers having Fixed Deposit accounts of value more than Rs. 5 Lakh in the Business unit sanctioning the facility.
  • Third Party Guarantee of one person for all other categories.

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11.75 p.a. fixed rate of interest with monthly rests.

36 Equated Monthly Instalments for loans upto Rs 50,000.00 and 48 for loans above Rs. 50,000.00

No penalty on prepayment or / and foreclosure of the loan.