• Chip and Pin Based - Mastercard Debit Card
  • Provides online access to savings or current account.
  • Accepted at all Domestic as Well as International MasterCard™, Enabled ATM's and Point Of Sale locations & Ecommerce Websites.
  • Green PIN.


  1. Bank: The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.
  2. Card: ATM-cum-Debit Card named as "J&K Bank Global Debit Card", issued to the customer by J&K Bank in association with MasterCard International.
  3. Card Holder: A customer who has been issued a "J&K Bank Global Debit Card”.
  4. ATM: All Automated Teller Machines of J&K Bank Ltd as well as other banks with the logo of MASTERCARD (Logo) (in India or abroad*) and NFS or both in India.
  5. PIN: The Card Holder is initially allotted a computer generated random 4- digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in a secured and sealed PIN mailer.
  6. Merchant Establishments (ME’s): ME's shall include shops, stores, restaurants, hotels and commercial establishments, Etc. advertised as handling the cards by displaying MasterCard logo or by any other means.
  7. POS Terminals: Point of Sale terminals at ME site in India or abroad at which the customer can use his or her card after entering the PIN to make purchases by debiting his/her account with the Bank.
  8. Designated Account: Any variant of current Deposit Account or Savings Bank account (maintained by the Card Holder) with the Bank to which all the amounts authorized/dues payable by the card holder are to be debited.
  9. Customer Business Unit: The Business Unit at which the Card Holder maintains the designated account.
  10. International transaction: A transaction entered into by the Card Holder through his/her card outside India at ATMs or POS terminals outside India.

Using Your “J&K Bank GLOBAL DEBIT CARD” for cash withdrawals from ATMs.

In order to enter the ATM room swipe your card (horizontally or vertically) with the magnetic stripe facing the slot depending on the position on the access lock on the door of the ATM room. OR
Insert your card into the slot depending on the position of the access lock. When the green light glows, push the door and enter the ATM enclosure.

Insert your card into ATM at the slot indicated. If the ATM is a dip-card ATM, dip the card into the slot and take it back.

Select the language English, Hindi, Urdu in which you desire to interact with ATM. This option may not be available in all ATM’s.

Next, the ATM will prompt you to key in the Personal Identification Number (PIN). Please take care to key in the correct PIN. After the PIN is entered, the ATM process the information and if it is found correct guides you step by step for conducting transactions. (If the wrong PIN is entered thrice; the card will invalidated or even may be retained by the ATM. In the former case contact the concerned Card Issuing Business Unit. In case of retention contact both ATM custodians, Bank/Business Unit where the card has been issued).

At this stage, options will appear on the screen and you can choose the appropriate option amongst Fast Cash, Withdrawal, PIN Change and Mini Statements by pressing appropriate push button.

If you have no further transactions, please collect your card The Card should be collected as soon as it is ejected (within 30 seconds); or else the ATM will retract it. In such an event, please contact the Business Unit at which you maintain your account (Not applicable for dip card ATM) In case of Dip Card ATMs,  you  will  have  to  only  dip  the  card and  enter  your  PIN  for  each transaction.

i. All J&K  Bank  ATMs  have,  as  a  matter  of  policy,  maximum  cash dispensing limit of  40000/ -per card per day on use.
ii. You can also use your "J&K Bank Global Debit Card" at ATMs,
a. Which are part of the MasterCardTM,  network in India and around the world Just look for the MastercardTM  logo at participating ATMs.
b. Which is part of the NFS (National Financial Switch) Network in India. (NFS   Networked ATM’s   can also be part of   the MasterCardTM Network and or of the VISATM Network).
Use of "J&K Bank GLOBAL DEBIT CARD" on Point of Sale Machine (POS) Using  your  card  for  making  payments  for  purchases  made  at merchant establishments displaying Maestro Logo  through POS machine.

MasterCard sign  at the merchant establishment indicates that you can shop by presenting your card.

After purchases, the M E. dips your card in the POS terminal and keys in the purchase amount. Ensure transaction is carried in your presence and under no circumstances you should lose the sight of your card

You will be presented with PIN pad. Enter your confidential PIN ensuring, that others around do not get to know your PIN.

In seconds, the terminal processes the transaction and prints the transaction receipt.

Check the amount on the transaction receipt and sign on it.

The transaction is now complete. You will receive a copy of the transaction receipt and your "J&K Bank Global Debit Card.

Important Tips

Avoid using ATM that looks unsafe or with suspicious persons moving around.

Avoid opening your purse, bag or wallet while in queue at ATM site. Have your card ready in your hand before you approach the ATM.

Avoid ATMs which have messages or signs fixed to them indicating that the screen directions have been changed, especially if the message is posted over the card.

Be cautious when stranger offer you help at an ATM, even if your card is stuck or you are experiencing difficulty with the transaction.

Ensure nobody watches you enter your PIN. (You may use the knuckle of your middle finger to key in the PIN).

Follow the instructions on the display screen, e.g. do not key in your PIN until the ATM requests you to do so.

In case the ATM is not working properly, press the Cancel key and withdraw your card Report to the concerned Branch before proceeding to another ATM.

Never force your card into the card slot.

If your card gets jammed, retained or lost, or if you are interfered with at an ATM, report immediately to the nearest Business Unit of the bank or helpdesk.

TIP 10
Secure your card & cash carefully (in your wallet, handbag or pocket) before leaving the ATM.

TIP 11
Memorize your PIN (if you need to write it down, do so in a disguised manner and never carry it with your card).

TIP 12
NEVER disclose your PIN to anyone.

Don t use obvious and guessable numbers for your PIN like your cell or vehicle number.

TIP 14
Change your PlN periodically, and, if you think it may have been compromised, change it immediately.

TIP 15
Check   your   account   balance   and statements   regularly.   Report   any discrepancies to your bank immediately.

Immediately after  receiving  your  card  from  the  Bank  please  sign  on  the signature panel on the reverse of the Card to prevent any misuse.

TIP 17
The PIN used at ATM to withdraw money and Merchant Establishments for purchases should be same.

TIP 18
In case of any transaction related issues like excess debit, less cash dispensed or no cash dispensed the customer should report to helpdesk/Business Unit immediately through phone, fax or mail not later than 2 days after the date of transaction.

Applicability of Terms:
The terms form the contract between the Card Holder and The J&K Bank. The Card Holder is deemed to have the agreed and accepted the Terms by performing any of the below mentioned activities.

  1. By signing the Card Application Form.
  2. By acknowledging the receipt of the Card.
  3. By signing the reverse of the card.
  4. By performing transaction with the card on ATM/POS machine.

Personal Identification Number (PIN):
The PIN is used for withdrawing cash at an ATM or for Purchasing Goods and Services at a Merchant Establishment through POS Machine. It is advisable that the Card Holder in his/her own interest should change the PIN to any other four-digit number of his/her choice. For this purpose, he/she may use the PIN change option available at J&K Bank’s ATMs. The PIN should be safeguard carefully. Usage of wrong PIN three time would invalidate the card or even can be retained by the ATM. While selecting a PIN, the card holder is advised to avoid a PIN, which can be easily associated with him/her (e.g. Telephone Number, DOB, Vehicle Registration Number etc.). Besides, the selected PIN value should not comprise:

  1. A sequence from the associated account numbers.
  2. String of the same number.
  3. Historically significant dates.

Since an unauthorized person can access the ATM services on the Card Holder’s account if he/she gains the possession of the Card and the PIN, the card should always remain in the Card Holder’s possession and should not be handed over to anyone else. The Bank bears no liability or responsibility for the unauthorized use of the Card. The responsibility is fully that of the Card Holder. The PIN is sent in a Pin Mailer. It is the Card Holder's responsibility to ensure that the knowledge of the PIN/PIN Mailer does not fall into any other person's hands. (The Cardholder should change the PIN immediately if it is accidentally divulged). The PIN should not be written on the card or the pouch carrying it.

Loss of Card:
The Card Holder should immediately notify his/her Business Unit or J&K Bank Toll Free Number 1800 1800 234 (24*7), Helpdesk numbers +91-0194-2481936, +91-0194-2481953 or email us at helpdesk@jkbmail.com


By a letter or by a phone call followed by confirmation in writing if the card is lost / stolen. Any financial loss arising out of unauthorized use of the Card till such time as the Bank hotlists the Card will be to the Card Holder s account. Fresh card will be issued in replacement of lost/damaged Card at a fee of 200/-

Surrender of the Card:
The Card being the Property of J&K Bank should be returned to the Bank for cancellation, in the event the Cardholder no longer requires the service or if the services are withdrawn by the Bank due to any reason.

Debits to customer’s account:
The bank has the authority to debit the designated account of the Card Holder for all withdrawals affected by the Card Holder by using the Card as evidenced by Bank’s records which will be conclusive and binding on the Card Holder. The Card Holder authorizes the Bank to debit the designated account with service charges notified by the Bank from time to time.

The transaction record generated by the ATM or POS Machine will be binding and conclusive unless verified otherwise and corrected by the Bank. The verified and the corrected amount will be binding on the Card Holder.

Closing of Account:
The Card Holder wishing to close the designated account and surrender the Debit Card will give the Bank notice in writing and surrender the Card along with the notice.

Validity of the Card:
The J&K Bank Personalized Global Debit Card is valid for five years till the last day of the month embossed on the Card. If the Card is used after the expiry, the ATM will reject it. Approach the concerned Card issuing Business Unit one month earlier for fresh card.

Specimen Signature of the Customer must tally:
The Card Holder shall sign the Card on the reverse as per the specimen signature appearing on the Customer Relationship/Account opening form or the latest signature of the Card Holder as per Bank’s record.

Benefits of the Card:
The J&K Bank Personalized Global Debit Card can be accessed for the withdrawal of cash from ATM, make payments at Merchant Establishment and ascertain the information about the account balance through the use of Card at ATMS. The unique advantage in this specified card is that the Card Holder can transact maximum of ₹40,000/- cash from ATM per day and can make payment for purchase upto ₹1,00,000/- per day at Merchant Establishment.


  • The Card Holder should carry out international transactions at ATMs or at POS strictly in accordance with the exchange control regulations and in the event of any failure to do so, the Card Holder is liable for action under FEMA. The Card Holder should fulfil and abide by all guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India and Government of India regarding international use of the Debit Card and foreign currency transactions. The limit per transaction shall be as per guidelines in vogue for such transactions from time to time presently upto conversion value of ₹40,000/-. The conversion of foreign currency amount will be done at rates decided by various parties involved. The debit in the Card Holder’s account will be in Indian Rupees. However the Cardholder shall ensure to draw foreign exchange strictly as per limits fixed by RBI.
  • Non- completion of transaction due to insufficient balance in the designated account at non J&K Bank ATM / POS (Merchant Establishment) will attract charges as applicable to balance enquiry.
  • NFS Networked ATMs can also be part of the MasterCardTM Network as well and or VISATM network; in such a case, the NFS fee structure will be applicable.

Other important conditions governing the transactions:

  • The Debit Card Service is meant for withdrawals against the balance already available in the designated account. It is the Card Holder’s obligation to maintain sufficient balance in the designated account to meet withdrawals and service charges.
  • The Bank at its discretion may amend the terms & conditions governing ATM services from time to time as per requirements. The Card Holders will be notified of such changes, which will be binding on the Card Holder.
  • The Bank reserves the right to introduce new facilities or revoke sting facilities as and when warranted, without assigning any reason for the same. Fee charged (if any) for the use of the Card is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • The Bank has the right to withdraw the privileges attached to the Card and to call upon the Card Holder to surrender the Card through the Merchant Establishment, or their representatives or any other representative of the Bank without assigning any reason.
  • Use of the Card shall be terminated without notice, upon the death, bankruptcy or insolvency of the Card Holder or for other valid reasons or when the whereabouts of the Card Holder become unknown to the Bank due to any cause attributable to the Card Holder.
  • The Bank is not responsible for the refusal by any ME to accept or honor the Card, nor shall it be responsible in any respect for the goods or services supplied to the Card Holder. The Card Holder shall handle or resolve all claims or disputes directly with such Establishments and no claim by the Card Holder against the ME is subject to set-off or counter claim against the Bank The Bank will credit the Card Holder s Account with the amount of refund only upon receipt of a properly issued credit slip or cheque or draft from the ME.
  • The Bank will not be responsible for furnishing original bills of the ME to the Card Holder.
  • The Card Holder will collect from the ME the Card Holder's copy of the transaction receipts and will preserve the same for his personal record. The Bank at its discretion will approve / reject any card transaction. The Card Holder should not countermand any order, which he/she has given by means of this card. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss caused by a technical breakdown of the payment system.
  • In case of failed transactions, the customer should report to the bank within 30 days from the date of transaction so as to seek reimbursement or otherwise from the bank if applicable.
  • In case the Card holder disputes any transaction/s on ATM/POS terminal, the Bank shall me chargeback and retrieve the amount and restore to his/her account. However on receiving representation from the concerned Bank the funds so retrieved shall be adjusted by debit to
    cardholder account without any notice to him/her.
  • The Card is the property of the Bank and will be returned to the Bank by the Card Holder unconditionally and immediately upon request by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to cancel the Card and stop its operations unilaterally without assigning any reason. The decision of the
    Bank is conclusive and binding on the Card Holder.
  • The Card is non transferable
  • The Bank will not be liable for any deficiency in services or to perform any obligation there under where such failure is attributed, directly or indirectly to any malfunction of ATM, Network, Card, POS ,SMS/email delivery, temporarily insufficiency of funds, any dispute or other circumstances beyond its control

Additional/Withdrawal of Facilities
Bank may , at its discretion , make available to the Cardholder more services on the Card , ATMs , POS Terminals, Internet or otherwise and/or other devices through Shared Networks for the Cardholders convenience and use. All fees and transactions related to transactions done by Card holders at these devices, as determined by Bank will be recovered by a debit to the account linked with the Card.

Bank accepts no responsibility for refusal by any Merchant Establishment to accept and/or honor the Card In case of disputes pertaining to a transaction with Merchant Establishment a charge/sales slip with the signature of the cardholder together with the card number noted thereon shall be conclusive evidence as between the Bank and the Cardholder as to the extent of liability incurred by the Card Holder and the Bank. In case the Cardholder has any disputes in respect of any charge indicated in the Account statement, the Cardholder communicate advice details to the Bank within 15 days of the account statement date, failing which it will be construed that all charges are acceptable and in order. Any dispute in respect of a shared network, ATM transactions will be resolved as per VISA/MasterCard regulations and Bank does not accept responsibilities for any dealings the cardholder may have with the shared network.

"Green PIN" is instant PIN generation / regeneration functionality available for Debit Card through ATM with One Time Password (OTP) sent to the customer's mobile number registered with bank. Using the OTP, customer can set debit card PIN through J&K Bank ATMs.
Green PIN can be generated in following cases,

  • When a new debit-card is issued to the customer by Branch.
  • When the customer forgets PIN and wants to regenerate PIN for his/her existing card.