• Proceeds of remittances received from abroad in freely convertible currency through normal banking channels.

  • Proceeds of personal cheques drawn by you on your foreign currency account , bank drafts payable in any permitted currency including instruments expressed in Indian rupees for which reimbursement will be received in foreign currency, deposited by you in person during your temporary visit to India. 

  • Proceeds of Foreign Currency notes & Travelers Cheques tendered by you during your temporary visit to India provided

    a) The amount was declared on CDF wherever applicable and
    b) The foreign currency notes & travelers cheques are tendered to the bank in person by you. 

  • Transfers from other NRE/FCNR accounts.

  • Interest accruing on the funds held in the account.

  • Local disbursements.

  • Remittances outside India.

  • Transfer to NRE/FCNR accounts of the account holder or any other person eligible to maintain such account.

  • Investment in shares/securities /commercial paper of an Indian company or for purchase of immovable property in India provided such investment / purchase is covered by the regulations made, or the general/special permission granted, by the Reserve Bank.

  • Any other transaction if covered under general or special permission granted by the Reserve Bank.