1. For the convenience of pensioners Finance Department, Government of J&K has extended the date for submission of life certificates for the year 2023-24. All pensioners drawing pension from J&K Bank are requested to deposit/Update their LIFE CERTIFICATE/NON EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE/NON-MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE for the year 2023-24 at any Business Unit of the bank on or before the extended date i.e. 26.12.2023 positively

  2. Format of life certificate can be downloaded here  or hard copy of the same can be collected from any Business Unit of J&K Bank.

  3. Pensioners can now visit any Business Unit of the bank in person for withdrawal of pension and have an option to get the life certificate recorded in the system through the concerned bank officer against computer generated receipt instead of submitting a hard copy of the same.

  4. Pensioners who cannot visit in person can send their life certificates to any business unit duly signed by any Gazetted officer/J & K Bank Officer.

  5. Pensioners having valid Aadhar card can submit their life certificates digitally through Jeevan Pramaan using Jeevan Pramaan application.

Note:- Bank does not  call pensioners to share any detail or OTP. Kindly do not share any OTP if anyone calls for updating Life certificate.


Subject:-Payment of Dearness Allowance to Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh Government Pensioner/Family Pensioners -revised from 9% to 12% w.e.f 1st January 2019.
In continuation to Government Order No. 390-F of 2018 dated 13-09-2018 and subsequent Government Order No: 185-F of 2019 dated 07.03.2019, sanction has been accorded to enhancement of Dearness Allowance in favour of State Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners from 9 % to 12 % w.e.f 1st January 2019 as under: 

Existing Rate of D.A

Revised Rate of D.A

Date from which applicable

9% of Basic Pay

12 % of Basic Pay


Consequently, Centralized Pension Department CHQ will disburse the arrears on account of enhancement in DA by 3% w.e.f 01.01.2019 to 28.02.2019 to Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners along with the revised pension of March 2019.


Sub: Implementation of Mediclaim Insurance Policy for Pensioners.
Reference to the State Administrative Council Decision No. 54/10/2018 dated 31-08-2018 and subsequent Government Order No: 406-FD of 2018 dated 20-09-2018 issued by Finance Department, Govt. of J&K, sanction has been accorded to the implementation of the Group Mediclaim insurance policy for all Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh Government Employees including employees of PSU’s/Autonomous Bodies/Universities on mandatory basis and Pensioners and their dependent Family member’s on optional basis w.e.f 01.10.2018 for a period of one year and extendable annually for three years based on performance of the insurer.

As per the Government order the policy has been tied up with M/S Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd on annual premium of Rs. 22,229.00 for pensioners. The said policy will provide health insurance coverage up to Rs. 6.00 Lac per pensioner per annum along with his/her five dependent family members on floater basis.

Annual Premium for pensioners will be (Rs. 22229.00-Rs 3600.00)=Rs 18,629.00 which shall be deducted in four quarterly installments of Rs 4657.00 on 1st October, 1st January, 1St April and the last installment of Rs. 4658.00 on 1st July each year. The medical allowance in favor of all enrolled pensioners who opt for the policy shall be drawn and credited to Account No. 0110010200000901 (J&K Govt. Mediclaim Insurance Policy) maintained with Business Unit Moving Secretariat during the currency of the policy on monthly basis. 
Accordingly as per the directions of Finance Department, Govt of J&K, all such Pensioners who opt for the said mediclaim policy shall make an application to the concerned Treasury Officer/Branch Head for making deduction of premium from their pension in the prescribed  format.


Subject:-  Payment of Dearness Allowance  to Central Government Pensioner/Family Pensioners Revised from 7% to 9% w.e.f 1st July, 2018.
In Pursuance to  OM No. 1/2/2018-E-II(B)dated 7th September .2018  Issued by Government of India, Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure, sanction has been  accorded  to enhancement of Dearness Allowance in favour of  Central Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners  from 7% to 9% w.e.f 1st July 2018 .

Existing Rate of D.A                     

Revised Rate of D.A                        

Date from which applicable




The Centralized Pension Department will disburse the arrears on account of enhancement in DA by 2% w.e.f 01.07.2018 to 31.08.2018 to Central Government pensioners/Family Pensioners along with the pension of September, 2018.


Sub: 7TH Pay commission implementation for Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
Reference to the Cabinet decision No. 77/5/2018 dated 24.04.2018 and subsequent Government Order No: 222-F of 2018 dated 24.04.2018 issued by Finance Department, Govt. of J&K, sanction has been accorded to the rationalization of pension structure for pre 01.01.2016 pensioners/family pensioners w.e.f 01.01.2016.The order applies to all the pensioners/family pensioners who were drawing pension/family pension as on 31-12-2015. As an interim measure, pension at the revised rates had been disbursed as per Formulation –I. As per the Formulation –I the existing pension/family pension is  multiplied by factor 2.57 to arrive at the value of revised pension/revised family pension. Accordingly, 7th pay commission/ revised pension was disbursed for pre 01.01.2016 pensioners on 1st of May 2018.

Further reference to Government Order No: 223-F of 2018 dated 24.04.2018, it has been notified that payment of arrears of pension on account of revision of pension of Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh Government pensioners for the period 01.01.2016 to 31.03.2018 has been ordered as under:-


Date of Withdrawal

1st Installment

On or after 01.10.2018

2nd Installment

On or after 01.04.2019

3rd Installment

On or after 01.10.2019

Consequent upon the revision of pension of Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh Government Pensioners/family pensioners, the revised rates of Dearness Allowance on revised pension are notified as under:-

Date from which applicable

DA Rates

From 01.01.2016

No Dearness Allowance

From 01.07.2016

2% of pension/ Family pension

From 01.01.2017

4% of pension/ Family pension

From 01.07.2017

5% of pension/ Family pension

From 01.01.2018

7% of pension/ Family pension