J&K Bank Internet Payment Gateway Services

Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) is an e-commerce application service that authorizes payments for e-businesses e.g online payments (fee/fines/deposits)

The internet payment gateway is the infrastructure that allows an organizations to accept credit card/ Debit card/ e-Banking/ IMPS etc payments over their web portals/websites

A payment process in IPG is a transaction between the users and organizations, with transfer of funds in between following accounts

  • Customer account
  • Organization Account

Transaction in IPG results in debiting Customer account ( Credit Card/Debit Card/ Internet Banking ) and crediting Organization account through interchange of secure electronic messages over Internet.

IPG services will enable to recieve funds online and is feasible for:

  • Collection for goods and services supplied by Firms/Corporates/Institutions.
  • Fee collection by Educational Institutions.
  • Collection of dues by Government/Quasi Government Bodies.
  • Local taxes like water tax, house tax, electricity bill etc. by Semi Govt. bodies.
  • Collection of Recruitment fee.


Incase organisation doesn't possess an ecommerce website, J&K Bank through its Easy Collect Platform can provide IPG services to all niches and needs. Organization need not to maintain a website. Portal facilitates 24x7 collection process. All for free - No design, No development, No hosting, No on boarding charges & No maintenance charges.