J&K Bank Easy Collection Services

Easy Collect is a multi-modal payment portal which facilitates Educational or Commercial or Government or Non-Government institutions to receive online payments from receivers of their goods & services.

Institutions need not to maintain a website. Portal supports online and offline payment modes. Facilitates 24x7 collection process. All for free - No design, No development, No hosting, No on boarding charges & No maintenance charges.

Easy Collect Portal is ideal for:

  • Collection for goods and services supplied by Firms/Corporates/Institutions.
  • Fee collection by Educational Institutions.
  • Collection of dues by Government/Quasi Government Bodies.
  • Local taxes like water tax, house tax, electricity bill etc. by Semi Govt. bodies.
  • Collection of Recruitment fee.


How it works for Institutions

e.g. J&k Govt. Department, University, College, School, Hotel etc.



Institution decides payment form/field design. Institution identifies Collection Categories


J&K Bank develops institution requirement into Easy Collect Web Module


Institutions signs off UAT.Easy Collect Module is Live.

Safe, speedy and simple way of collecting payments online. https://ecollect.jkbank.com

How it works for Payee

e.g. Tax Payers, Service Fee Payers, Students, Tourists etc.



Easy Collect, Select Institution and Select Collection Category. Fill in the required payment form


Select mode of payment.Pay through Cards/Net banking


Download Payment confirmation.SMS/Email Alerts are generated.Access Payment History

  • Variety of Pay modes- Visa/Mastercard/Diners, Debit Cards and 45+ Net banking options including J&K Bank e-Banking. For Offline Mode, it supports Challan based transactional System, with one of its modules accessible to J&K Bank business units.
  • All for free -No design, No development, No hosting, No on boarding charges & No maintenance charges.
  • Merchant Information System- comprehensive reporting module, payments identified by unique Collection ID
  • Payment Forms are Versatile and Customizable. Online payment pages are a versatile tool and can be used for
    • one-time payments,
    • registration forms,
    • for collecting billing information for recurring payments.
  • Customizable user interface- Institution can tailor the visual design of collection pages to make them fit into the look and feel of their own brand identity.
  • Seamless user experience -Responsive Design offers an experience that ignores the boundaries between smartphone, tablet and computer.
  • Security – All payment- are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure transactions are always safe. CAPTCHA system deters spammers from abusing forms.