PAC / Single tender procurements made during FY 2021-22
S.No Purchase Order Number Date Vendor Details Details Policy
1 JKB/ITP/F679/A1234/2021/178 28-May-21 M/s Microsoft Microsoft premium Support and Services PAC
2 JKB/ITP/F290-B/A1047/2021/179 28-May-21 Infosys Technologies Renewal of ATS and additional licences wef 01-04-2021 PAC
3 JKB/ITP/F489-D/A2155/2021/180 29-May-21 Infosys Technologies Additional 40 Finacle Licenses PAC
4 JKB/ITP/F1532/A351/2021/181 31-May-21 M/s FIS Payment Solutions and Services India Pvt Ltd. Customising Process in recon System for implementing cassette Awap Process in ATM terminals  PAC
5 JKB/ITP/F1532/A351/2021-181 31-May-21 M/s FSS Cassette Swap Process PAC
6 JKB/CHQ/ITP/F1082(T&D)/A316/2021-402 04-Jun-21 M/s AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. ATM Security measures for upgrading windows and implemenmtation of lockable cassette and OTC locks PAC
7 JKB/ITP/F1532/A369/2021/185 08-Jun-21 M/s FSS Customization in Recon  PAC
8 JKB/ITP/F1563/A169/2021/197  05-Jul-21 M/S C-Edge Technologies Ltd Revision of Basic Pension and Arrears PAC
9 JKB/ITP/5669C/A1070/2021-200 13-Jul-21 M/s Xchanging AMC Renewal PAC
10 JKB/ITP/F-1529/AP105/2021-421 19-Jul-21 M/s BoardPac
 (formerly M/s Tabula Technologies)
AMC Renewal PAC
11 JKB/ITP/F1563/A208/2021/208  06-Sep-21 M/S C-Edge Technologies Ltd CR for ePP Implementation PAC
12 JKB/ITP/F1042(s)/A309/2021/209 07-Sep-21 Infosys Technologies Finacle Assure Extended Remedial services PAC
13 JKB/ITP/F728III/A2110/2021-211 16-Sep-21 M/S FSS Consolidated CR in Mpay Delight PAC
14 JKB/ITP/F774-II/A1181/2021/214 22-Sep-21 Servion Global Renewal of ServCare Platinum support of Contact Center setup PAC
15 JKB/GHQ/lTP/F876-2(T&D)/A549/2021 -455 01-Oct-21 M/s AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. Renewal of AMC of ATMs from o1.10.21 to 30.09.22. PAC
16 JKBITPIF878-1/A1150/2021/220  13-Oct-21 M/s Sify Infinit Spaces Limited.   Additional 14 Seating Spaces at DC FacllityNolda PAC
17 JKB/ITP/F800-B/AP575/NW/AMR-686 13-Oct-21 Solarwinds Renewal of AMC of Solarwinds NPM/NTA/WHD PAC
18 JKB/ITP/Note/A28/2021/224 18-Oct-21 M/s FIS Payment Solutions and Services India Pvt Ltd. Customization for e-Commerce Implementation for RuPay Cards. PAC
19 JKB/ITP/Note/A383/2021/226 28-Oct-21 M/s AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. Implementation of TLS 1.2 in ATMs. PAC
20 JKB/ITP/F565V/A390/2021/225 28-Oct-21 M/s FIS Payment Solutions and Services India Pvt Ltd. Customization Request - Monitoring of Cash Availability in ATM’s. PAC
21 JKB/ITP/F1532/A381/2021-229 06-Nov-21 M/s FSS Dispute Management of UPI/AEPS/IMPS PAC
22 JKB/ITP/F111/A181/2021/241  10-Dec-21 M/s Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.,  350 Man Days from Oracle Consulting Services for DAM Implementation’ PAC
23 JKB/ITP/F951/A523/2021/245 23-Dec-21 IBM Annual Software Subscription & Support of IBM OpenPages for Year 7 PAC
24 JKB/ITP/F1042/A387/2022/253 15-Jan-22 Infosys Technologies Finacle Assure Subscription renewal PAC
25 JKB/ITP/F987/A717/2022/252 15-Jan-22 M/S FSS ID Mapper / OC 115 / Aadhaar OTP / OC  116 PAC
26 JKB/ITP/F1587/AP364/2022-492 20-Jan-22 M/s Trident AMC Renewal PAC
27 JKB/ITP/F222G/A1930/2022/255 27-Jan-22 M/s IDBI Intech Changes in NEFT & RTGS for integration with Fin 10 (iconnect) PAC
28 JKB/ITP/F1532/A397/2022/266 10-Feb-22 M/s FSS IMPS Raw Data OC 107 PAC
29 JKB/ITP/F565/5/A905/2022/267 14-Feb-22 M/s FIS Payment Solutions and Services India Pvt Ltd. Implementation of Various Change Requests on Debit Switch Application. PAC
30 JKB/ITP/F987/A756/2022/270 22-Feb-22 M/S FSS UDIR / OC98 / UPI International / OC93 / SI Mandate / Prepaid Voucher / OC112  PAC
31 JKB/ITP/F728III/A2219/2022/274 25-Feb-22 M/S FSS IMPS Migration from ISO to XML Conversion (Regulatory) PAC
32 JKB/ITP/CHQ/F734/A1926/2022/280 14-Mar-22 M/s NCR Ltd Signature Validation using CBS API Service in CTS PAC
33 JKB/ITP/F565/A486/2022/289 30-Mar-22 M/s Diebold Nixdorf India Pvt Ltd. Implementation of TLS 1.2 in ATM’s and CDM’s PAC
34 CHQ/JKB/E&ED-M/2020-105 23.10.2020 M/s OTIS Elevators Company (India) Limited Comprehensive AMC of Lifts PAC
35 JKB/BSD/FM&A/21-472 19.02.2021

M/s Gurusons Communications Pvt Ltd.

Comprehensive AMC of EPABX installed at Corporate Headquarters. PAC
36 S&IT /BSD/FM&A/Elect/22-637 02.02.2022 M/s AIMS Enterprises Servicing of Air Circuit Breakers installed at Main pCC Panel at CHQ. PAC
37  -   M/s Marib Constructions. Procurement of Time Delay Relay Co PAC
38  BSD/FM&A/Elect/22-681 01.06.2022 M/s Pal Svam Power Solutions Private Lmited Non-Comprhensive AMC of DG sets under Corporate Headquarters PAC
39 JKB/ITP/F21/A317/2021/201 16-07-2021 M/s Houston Systems (P) Ltd. AMC of various security gadgets installed at Corporate Office PAC