J&K Bank to roll-out feature-rich mobile banking soon
Issues apology for Bank's Mpay outage on the eve of Eid

  • Srinagar
  • 01 Jul 2023

J&K Bank today said that its new feature-rich mobile banking application will be rolled out soon for best customer experience while issuing an apology to its customers after the Bank’s mobile banking platform “Mpay Delight” faced outages on the eve of Eid ul Zuha.

Even though J&K Bank processed 71 lakh online transactions amounting to Rs 4170 Crores through their digital platforms including Mpay despite the outage during 3 days in the run-up to Eid festival, the Bank’s General Manager (IT Vertical) Imtiyaz Ahmad Bhat expressed deep regret for the inconvenience caused to the Bank’s customers.

He said, “On the eve of Eid ul Zuha, Bank faced a technical glitch which impacted our online banking services and affected customer transactions. For all the inconvenience caused due to the outage in our online services especially ‘Mpay’, we wholeheartedly apologize to our valuable customers and express our deep regret.”

“Being cognizant of our responsibility towards customers, we have re-doubled our efforts to ensure that we meet their expectations in extending uninterrupted digital banking services. Although the services have been restored, however, we will ensure that such incidents don’t happen in future”, he added.

He further said, "The Bank is in the process of transforming its IT landscape with primary focus on digital banking platforms by adopting the latest technologies available in the market. Upgrading Bank’s mobile banking, internet banking and kiosk banking applications remains our top priority. Aligned dynamically with changing customer requirements and expectations, our new and feature-rich mobile banking application powered by the latest technologies shall be rolled-out soon.”

“The endeavor is to empower the customers to seamlessly avail banking services through digital devices at their own convenience and timing”, said the GM (IT).