• Disbursed in cash
  • Revolving type facility, as full limit can be restored on request of the borrower subject to the following:-
    • Outstanding balance reduced to below 40% of the loan amount.
    • At the time of reinstatement of the limit, applicant must have sufficient remaining years of service so that loan is repaid within the borrowers remaining years of service.
    • Fresh D.P Note for full amount of loan.
    • Borrower has not had more than two installments in arrears on any point of time during currency of loan.
    • Borrower shall have to furnish an undertaking from drawing and disbursing officer for intimating the bank about their transfer and noting that outstanding from the bank and the monthly installment obligation in their LPC forwarded to the next drawing and disbursing authority.

Permanent employees of Central/State Govt. , Public Sector Undertakings (State & Central), Autonomous Bodies and Institutions.

36 months gross salary or 20.00 lacs whichever is lower.

84 monthly installments or remaining period of service whichever is lower.