Financial assistance will be made available for the following purposes:

  1. Fixed cost such as

Purchase of equipments such as bee-boxes, honey extractors, smokers, bee veil, bee knife, hive tool, queen gate, feeder, solar wax extract plastic drums for storing honey, sting proof rubber gloves, etc.

  1. Recurring Costs

Purchase of foundation sheets, sugar, medicines, gloves, etc.

  • Term loan. Provision for initial recurring costs will also form an integral part of term loan only.
Agriculture and allied activity

Small/ marginal farmers/agricultural labourers who are trained in beekeeping. Individuals who possess adequate experience in bee-keeping and are desirous of taking up bee-keeping activity on commercial basis.
A certificate to be obtained from Govt. department concerned/ RSETI to the effect that the borrower has sufficient skills / experience to handle the business.

10% of project cost (Rs.25000/=)

Applicable MCLR+0.50% (Floating). 

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Hypothecation of bee colonies and/ or assets created out of bank loan.

Maximum door to door repayment period shall be 5 years. Principal alongwith interest shall be paid in equated monthly instalments after moratorium period.